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Meet the Bloggers

The TACAC blog is brought to you by the Communications Committee. As a volunteer organization, TACAC’s programs and committees are all run by college admission and college counseling professionals. The TACAC blog team represents a wonderful cross-section of our membership and they'll bring you great information about TACAC and the field of college admission counseling throughout the year.

Vicki Brooks
Current job: College Counselor
Institution: Uplift Williams Preparatory
Your best moment from the last year: When one of my students from inner-city Dallas came into the office to tell me she’d been matched through Questbridge.  Seeing her walk in the door, almost in tears, swarmed by her peers, made the necessity of my job very apparent.  Without a college counselor, she wouldn’t have known to apply to Questbridge, and might not be headed to an amazing (and ultra-competitive) school in the fall.
What you're excited about for the coming year: Using everything I learned during my first year of college counseling to better serve my students.
Hobby/something not many people know about you: I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks.  If you haven’t heard Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History, check out episodes 4-6, beginning with Carlos Doesn’t Remember.  He delves into the cost and access of higher education – there’s no better way to spend your commute, if you have one!

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Blog Greetings from the TACAC President

Dear TACAC Members,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our new TACAC blog and to be the first to welcome you.  Our goal is to provide our membership small feeds of information that will allow you to click and see full details of a story.  I want to thank Abby Rosensweig and the communications committee for their hard work in getting this started.  

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Welcome to the TACAC Blog!

Welcome to the TACAC Blog!

The Communications Committee is excited to keep you informed about the great work of our organization and local, statewide, and national news about the college admission process. TACAC is an organization committed to the developing professionals and we hope this blog will keep our members connected and informed.

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