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Member Profile: Abijah Kratochvil

Name: Abijah Kratochvil
Position/Title: Coordinator of New Student Orientation & Campus tours
Current institution: San Jacinto College
How long have you been in the profession? I have been working in higher education for over 5 years.

Give us some background! Where are you from, where did you grow up, a little info on what you do in your position at San Jacinto?
I grew up on a farm in north central Arkansas, which my fiancé likes to tease me about. I lived in Arkansas my entire life until three years ago when I accepted a position in Galveston. Not knowing anyone when I moved was a challenge, but working in admissions, you make friends quickly with colleagues from other institutions. It was definitely one of the best decisions I have made. Currently, I supervise all aspects of new student orientation at the San Jacinto College North Campus. I train our Student Ambassadors and coordinate with recruiting and other departments on giving campus tours.

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Drive-In Workshop Report from Fort Worth

This week on the TACAC Blog, we want to tell you about an event you first learned about in our post from September 8: Drive-In Workshops! Today, TACAC was at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth for the Fort Worth-area Drive-In Workshop.

With over 40 counselors registered to attend, this was a popular program. Public and private school counselors came from throughout the DFW Metroplex to learn from admission and college counseling colleagues about timely topics. A cold start to the morning didn't keep people away and the counselors arrived ready to learn and interact. Attendees were treated to a catered lunch, courtesy of Texas Wesleyan University. 

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Supporting TACAC and NACAC This Holiday Season

As you work through your holiday shopping list, consider adding TACAC or NACAC to your holiday gift-giving. As professional organizations, TACAC and NACAC support the learning and development of your colleagues at high schools, colleges, CBOs, and educational organizations that support students in pursuit of post-secondary education. We hope you'll consider donating to the Anne Naman TACAC Fund, the NACAC Imagine Fund, or to TACAC through Amazon Smile.

Anne Naman TACAC Fund - Donate HERE

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TACAC is thankful for its members. As we approach the winter holidays, we want to hear what you give thanks for in your work. Connect with your TACAC colleagues and give thanks for everything that you love about your job with the #TACACThankful social media campaign.
All members are invited to give thanks and tag your posts with #TACACThankful on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can find TACAC on the following platforms:
Twitter: @TexasACAC
Instagram: @TexasACAC
Facebook: Texas Association for College Admission Counseling
We'll be searching for #TACACThankful and sharing your posts on our pages. Be sure to follow @TexasACAC on Twitter and Instagram to see the posts of your TACAC friends and colleagues.
A few guidelines for the campaign:
  • The campaign will run from November 15 through January 7
  • The goal of the campaign is the celebrate the positives of our work! Please do not post negativity or complaints and be sure to avoid disparaging any high school, college, or students.
  • For privacy reasons, please do not post photos of students and be sure to ask your colleagues for permission to post their picture online.
  • Keep it clean and professional - remember, your boss might see your post.
  • Have fun!
We'll share a compilation of our favorite posts on the TACAC blog this winter. Check out our sample posts to get you started, then share your own #TACACThankful thoughts and photos!
Happy holidays, TACAC!

Member Profile: Matt Cunningham

Name:  Matt Cunningham
Position/Title:  Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Current institution:  Lehigh University
How long have you been in the profession?:  4.5 years

Give us some background! Where are you from, where did you grow up, a little info on what you do in your position at Lehigh?
I am originally from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania - born, raised, whole life there.  I graduated in 2011 from Bucknell University with my bachelors in European History.  In 2012, I started at Lehigh (a rival of my alma mater so that's always fun during basketball season...) and have been there since.  Currently, I am the counselor for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Virginia and I coordinate one of our honors programs, direct the Lehigh tour guide program, organize our admitted student events, and do a lot with our daily visit offerings.

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Special News: Articles of Interest

As an organization committed to developing college admission counseling professionals, TACAC is happy to share some recent news articles that may help you grow as a professional. Check them out and let us know what else you want to learn about - TACAC is here to serve its members!

Texas News

Community College Hope for $87 Mil. Bump in Appropriations (Corpus Christi Caller-Times)
As the Texas legislature prepares for its upcoming session, which starts in January, the Texas Association of Community Colleges and the Community College Association of Texas Trustees are seeking additional funding to support their educational initiatives.

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Special News: Prior-Prior Year FAFSA

There’s a new acronym in the admission-sphere, and it’s not a new Michael Jackson song...

PPY is financial aid’s P.Y.T.
The U.S. Department of Education has introduced Prior-Prior Year (PPY) filing of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to students’ and families’ financial aid application process. Back in the day, students filled out the FAFSA using their parents’ tax information from the previous year (example: a senior applying for Fall 2016 would use 2015 tax data for the FAFSA). But with PPY, students can use their parents’ tax information from two years prior (example, this year’s seniors applying for Fall 2017 will file the FAFSA with 2015 tax information).

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Committee Info: Professional Development

In our Committee Spotlight this month, we will be touching base with Jordan Sass and Micah Lyles Co-Chairs of the Professional Development Committee. When you hear the phrase “professional development” what comes to mind? A long drawn out day? A boring monotone speaker in a dark room? Well forget what you know about professional development as we explore the opportunities from the TACAC Professional Development Committee.

This committee is responsible for designing and implementing a variety of programs that allow the TACAC membership to continue to learn and network with other members. This is something that speaks personally to both Jordan and Micah.

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Member Profile: Manny Salvidar

Name: Manny Saldivar
Position Title: College Counselor
Current institution: Nolan Catholic High School, Fort Worth, TX
How long have you been in the profession: 1 year

Give us some background! Where are you from, where did you grow up, what drew you to your position as a counselor? 
I'm originally from Los Angeles, California. I was raised most of my life in Fort Worth, TX. I'm working as a College Counselor working with juniors and seniors.  I earned my Bachelor degree in Communication from the University of Texas at Arlington. I earned my Masters in Education Counseling with a focus in student affairs from Texas Christian University.  I love to travel and meet people from all walks of life. I'm just fascinated and intrigued by people. 

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Special News: Up Next

Could your students use extra support and reminders to complete their college application process? Then let First Lady Michelle Obama and the "Better Make Room" initiative help!

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Committee Info: Membership

Have you been asked to become a member of TACAC? If so, you’ve probably been contacted by the Membership Committee. But what exactly is the Membership Committee? For more information we went directly to co-chairs Nicholas Howell and Charlotte Winkelmann.

The main mission of the Membership Committee is first and foremost to recruit and maintain TACAC and NACAC members. Nicholas and Charlotte explained, “Through this mission we are responsible for developing innovative ways to recruit prospective members. This is usually done by developing a view book and attending events where prospective members might be.”

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Member Profile: Veronica Tawney

Name: Veronica Tawney
: Admission Counselor I
Current institution: Texas Woman’s University
How long have you been in the profession?: Less than a year as a counselor but a little over 4 working for a university in some capacity

Give us some background! Where are you from, where did you grow up, a little info on what you do in your position at Texas Woman’s University?
I’m originally from Carthage, Texas. I went out-of-state for college (Emerson College in Boston, MA) where I received my BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing. I loved my time in Boston but it was too cold for a Southerner like me so I moved back to Texas after graduation.

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Special News: NACAC STEM Fair in Houston

Students, parents, and educators are invited to learn about the world of post secondary opportunities available in science, technology, engineering, and math at the Houston STEM College and Career Fair, held on Sunday, September 25 at the University of Houston – Student Center South from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The event, sponsored by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), is free and open to the public.

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Meet the Bloggers

The TACAC blog is brought to you by the Communications Committee. As a volunteer organization, TACAC’s programs and committees are all run by college admission and college counseling professionals. The TACAC blog team represents a wonderful cross-section of our membership and they'll bring you great information about TACAC and the field of college admission counseling throughout the year.

Vicki Brooks
Current job: College Counselor
Institution: Uplift Williams Preparatory
Your best moment from the last year: When one of my students from inner-city Dallas came into the office to tell me she’d been matched through Questbridge.  Seeing her walk in the door, almost in tears, swarmed by her peers, made the necessity of my job very apparent.  Without a college counselor, she wouldn’t have known to apply to Questbridge, and might not be headed to an amazing (and ultra-competitive) school in the fall.
What you're excited about for the coming year: Using everything I learned during my first year of college counseling to better serve my students.
Hobby/something not many people know about you: I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks.  If you haven’t heard Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History, check out episodes 4-6, beginning with Carlos Doesn’t Remember.  He delves into the cost and access of higher education – there’s no better way to spend your commute, if you have one!

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Blog Greetings from the TACAC President

Dear TACAC Members,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our new TACAC blog and to be the first to welcome you.  Our goal is to provide our membership small feeds of information that will allow you to click and see full details of a story.  I want to thank Abby Rosensweig and the communications committee for their hard work in getting this started.  

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Welcome to the TACAC Blog!

Welcome to the TACAC Blog!

The Communications Committee is excited to keep you informed about the great work of our organization and local, statewide, and national news about the college admission process. TACAC is an organization committed to the developing professionals and we hope this blog will keep our members connected and informed.

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