Strategy Planning


The Strategy Planning Committee assists the TACAC Board with its responsibilities for the organization’s mission, vision and strategic direction.  


The specific responsibilities of the Strategy Planning Committee include:

  • Making recommendations to the board related to the organization’s mission, vision, and strategy initiatives.
  • Helping to identify critical strategy issues facing the organization and assisting in the analysis of alternative options.
  • Ensuring that an effective three year strategy plan with measurable goals and time targets are established.
  • Understanding the non-profit market/community and keeping up-to-date on trends.  Reviewing opportunities to improve quality of programs and cost effectiveness when appropriate.
  • Annually reviewing the strategy plan and recommending updates as needed based on changes.
  • Developing a strategic dashboard of key indicators or services.
  • Monitoring the organization’s performance against measurable targets or progress points 


Co-Chairs: Joseph Miller and Carl Tippen, Westlake Academy