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Dallas Drive-In Workshop
March 6, 2015
Town Hall Rally
March 12, 2015
DFW Natl Clg Fair
April 6, 2015
Austin Natl Clg Fair
April 7, 2015
San Antonio Clg Fair
April 8, 2015
Annual Conference
April 9-11, 2015
El Paso Regional College Fair
May 2, 2015
July 20-23, 2015

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Our Vision

TACAC develops professionals committed to providing the highest quality counseling to ensure students' access to and persistence through post-secondary education.

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• Access to network with secondary and post-secondary professionals.
• Professional development resources, training, and advancement.

• Ability to keep up-to-date on, actively participate in, and have influence on current trends affecting secondary and post-secondary education.
 Opportunity to attend or present in the annual conference.
• Having an impact beyond your own institution, including participation in outreach activities
• Leadership opportunities through committee service.

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