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DFW Natl Clg Fair
April 6, 2015
Austin Natl Clg Fair
April 7, 2015
San Antonio Clg Fair
April 8, 2015
Annual Conference
April 9-11, 2015
El Paso Regional College Fair
May 2, 2015
Camp College
June 9-10, 2015
Leadership Development Institute
June 12-13, 2015
July 20-23, 2015

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Our Vision

TACAC develops professionals committed to providing the highest quality counseling to ensure students' access to and persistence through post-secondary education.

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• Access to network with secondary and post-secondary professionals.
• Professional development resources, training, and advancement.

• Ability to keep up-to-date on, actively participate in, and have influence on current trends affecting secondary and post-secondary education.
 Opportunity to attend or present in the annual conference.
• Having an impact beyond your own institution, including participation in outreach activities
• Leadership opportunities through committee service.

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