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TACAC is thankful for its members. As we approach the winter holidays, we want to hear what you give thanks for in your work. Connect with your TACAC colleagues and give thanks for everything that you love about your job with the #TACACThankful social media campaign.
All members are invited to give thanks and tag your posts with #TACACThankful on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can find TACAC on the following platforms:
Twitter: @TexasACAC
Instagram: @TexasACAC
Facebook: Texas Association for College Admission Counseling
We'll be searching for #TACACThankful and sharing your posts on our pages. Be sure to follow @TexasACAC on Twitter and Instagram to see the posts of your TACAC friends and colleagues.
A few guidelines for the campaign:
  • The campaign will run from November 15 through January 7
  • The goal of the campaign is the celebrate the positives of our work! Please do not post negativity or complaints and be sure to avoid disparaging any high school, college, or students.
  • For privacy reasons, please do not post photos of students and be sure to ask your colleagues for permission to post their picture online.
  • Keep it clean and professional - remember, your boss might see your post.
  • Have fun!
We'll share a compilation of our favorite posts on the TACAC blog this winter. Check out our sample posts to get you started, then share your own #TACACThankful thoughts and photos!
Happy holidays, TACAC!
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Heath Einstein - Tuesday, December 06, 2016

This is a great idea!

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