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New Executive Board Members

In addition to our annual conference, April is also the month when new committee chairs and delegates join the TACAC Executive Board. We are pleased to introduce you to the new members of the executive board.

Mackenzie Burns, Communications Committee Chair

Where you work: Colorado State University

What you are excited about in this new role: Joining a dynamic executive board and helping TACAC members connect via our various forms of communication.

What you want the membership to know about your committee: We are here to support the needs of TACAC membership, and want everyone to feel connected as we travel and work with students throughout the state.

Previous TACAC experiences: Chair of the TACAC raffle at conference, 

Jonah O'Hara, Admission Practices Committee Co-Chair

Where you work: St. Stephen's Episcopal School (Austin)

What you are excited about in this new role: I have been interested in serving on the AP committee since my first admission job in 1998, and the landscape in which we work has changed quite dramatically since then. Serving as a co-chair allows me to both give back to TACAC and its membership while attempting to encourage deeper and more regular discourse on ethical challenges that face us all each year.

What you want the membership to know about your committee: I think some think of the AP committee as the "admission police." Yes, we are charged with investigating reported instances of those who may have strayed from SPGP, but I see our role primarily as that of an educator. The better our members understand SPGP and how it serves as a guide to their work, the fewer issues are brought to the committee for review.

Previous TACAC experiences: member since 2007, ACCI Faculty Member, Annual Conference presenter

Marisol Scheer, Conference Coordinator

Where you work: University of the Incarnate Word, Director of Academic Services, Extended Academic Programs

What you are excited about in this new role: I have long been a member of the conference planning committee and involved in many different aspects of the committee.  I found that the conference committee is one place where many individuals can get connected with the great work TACAC does. For new members, it’s a place where they can get their feet wet, without having to jump in completely. For more seasoned TACAC members, it’s a great committee to help develop skills, mentor new members and connect with colleagues.

What you want the membership to know about your committee: My committee is successful because of the diverse ideas that our membership bring together to provide the best conference experience for us all. Our goal is to make each conference the best one yet. I think we have met that goal every year with the coordinators who have come before me and it’s a tradition I’m very excited to continue.

Previous TACAC experiences:  I am rolling off of co-chair of Admissions Practices;  I have served TACAC as a delegate, chair of ACCI, conference committee, membership committee, Hotline committee

In addition, TACAC is starting a risk assessment evaluation process to set guidelines for program planning. The coordinator of this process will be Monica Lopez, who is also a current delegate on the board.

Where you work: Episcopal High School (Houston)

Role on the TACAC Executive Board: Risk Assessment Coordinator and NACAC Secondary Delegate

What you are excited about in this new role: As TACAC continues to grow offering more professional development opportunities for our membership as well as those students we serve with specific programming, it is my hope to create and implement guidelines and processes to ensure the safety of all our members, program participants as well as protecting the integrity, longevity, and sustainability of the organization. 

What you want the membership to know about your committee: This newly formed committee on Risk Assessment will collaboratively work with all members of the Executive Board to ensure that our current programs have guidelines and processes in place to ensure the safety of our program participants and the organization. Additionally, it will be active in conversations about the creating and implementation of new programs where identifying safety guidelines are a necessity. 


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