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Member Profile: Veronica Tawney

Name: Veronica Tawney
: Admission Counselor I
Current institution: Texas Woman’s University
How long have you been in the profession?: Less than a year as a counselor but a little over 4 working for a university in some capacity

Give us some background! Where are you from, where did you grow up, a little info on what you do in your position at Texas Woman’s University?
I’m originally from Carthage, Texas. I went out-of-state for college (Emerson College in Boston, MA) where I received my BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing. I loved my time in Boston but it was too cold for a Southerner like me so I moved back to Texas after graduation.

As an Admission Counselor at TWU, I work with students both in office during one-on-one appointments and on the road at various fairs and events. The great thing about the Admissions Office at TWU is that they encourage us to use our individual abilities and talents  to work on various projects around the office. With my background in writing and graphic design I’ve had opportunities to design some materials for TWU Admissions events and I am now getting to revamp our Freshman Newsletter which goes out to secondary counselors across the state of Texas.

Can you share anything about your own college advising experience? 
I actually wish I had gone to college advisors more. I did some college tours in high school but I never really attended fairs or did sit-down appointments with counselors. Since entering the field, I now realize how many more opportunities I may have had if I’d gone out to do some of these things. I love my alma mater and I was lucky to have a great support system at home to get me through the application process, but I regret that there are so many great schools out there I never knew about because I didn’t take the time to attend fairs or research a little bit more.

What’s a special or hidden talent that you have? 
I’m really good at board games and puzzles. But if you ever play one with me, watch out--  I’m super competitive!

What did you think you wanted to be when you were 5 years old? 
I wanted to be a combination of a ballerina/chef.

What drew you to your current position?
I worked as a student worker at Emerson for 3 years and really enjoyed the environment of working in higher education. After graduating college, it took me several months to really get on my feet and figure out what I wanted to do. To make ends meet, I took a job at TWU working as an assistant in the admissions office. I had experience so I thought, why not? But after spending time here I realized that higher education was actually exactly where I wanted to be. I loved my time as a student worker back at my alma mater and I was enjoying the unique culture and type of student that TWU draws so when a counselor position opened up, I jumped on the chance. I have been in the counselor position since February and I haven’t regretted a second of it!

What has been your favorite moment in your current position?
I love speaking to students I met with all the way back in February or March who are now accepted and gearing up to start classes at the end of August. Texas Woman’s University draws an incredibly diverse group of students and I’ve worked with a lot of kids who thought college wasn’t in their future for one reason or another. It’s truly rewarding to see those students realize college IS a possibility and to see them on campus attending orientation for the fall semester.

What is a favorite TACAC memory?
I really enjoyed attending ACCI. I feel like I absorbed so much information and I got to meet so many fellow counselors who are new just like me. It was informative, fun, and just a really positive experience overall.

What do you look forward to about being in TACAC?
Admissions (particularly the recruiting) can be grueling work. I like that TACAC provides a community of peers that I can share these experiences with. I have a lot to learn from the other members in TACAC and I hope to one day pay it forward and share the knowledge I gain as I continue in the profession.

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