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Committee Info: Membership

Have you been asked to become a member of TACAC? If so, you’ve probably been contacted by the Membership Committee. But what exactly is the Membership Committee? For more information we went directly to co-chairs Nicholas Howell and Charlotte Winkelmann.

The main mission of the Membership Committee is first and foremost to recruit and maintain TACAC and NACAC members. Nicholas and Charlotte explained, “Through this mission we are responsible for developing innovative ways to recruit prospective members. This is usually done by developing a view book and attending events where prospective members might be.”

Once you become a member of TACAC, the Membership Committee is tasked with educating the membership about their benefits as well as various opportunities from NACAC. The committee will also reach out to the members to remind them of renewals. This constant cycle of recruitment and renewal means that the Membership Committee is always thinking of ways to improve and innovate ways to get people involved.

Becoming members of TACAC started both Nicholas and Charlotte on their path to becoming co-chairs of the Membership Committee. Nicholas has been a member since 2010 and Charlotte has been a member since 1980. They both agree that they have a passion for the organization and would “welcome anyone who might want to spread the great word of TACAC.”
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