New to TACAC? What You Need to Know

On behalf of TACAC, I would like to officially welcome all of our new and returning members! While many have been a part of TACAC for a while now, we still want to share some very important information every member should know. With that said, it is only right to start with TACAC’s Vision Statement –

 TACAC develops professionals committed to providing the highest quality counseling to ensure students' access to and persistence through post-secondary education.

 TACAC is an action-oriented organization focused on promoting service, professionalism, respect, creativity and diversity within the education field. As an organization, and as individuals, we abide by the Statement of Principles of Good Practices (SPGP), a code of ethics for the college admission process. If you’re not familiar with it, please take a moment to review the SPGP because they do come up often in this profession.

 In addition to being a part of TACAC’s general mission, members receive other benefits including:

  • Being recognized as a counselor who is interested in the future of our profession and as a person who has expressed a willingness to share your ideas with other counselors.
  • Receiving support from the network of professional friendships you’ll develop in TACAC. Experienced counselors often become mentors for counselors. There are many informal activities acquainted with TACAC members.
  • Expanding your professional expertise by reading TACAC publications, attending TACAC workshops and conferences, and exchanging ideas with other counselors.
  • Finding answers to questions on financial aid, students’ rights in the admission process, ethics and other issues affecting the smooth transition from secondary to postsecondary education.
  • Contributing by participating in committee activities which affect your profession and the students you serve. There are many opportunities to be productive—to do things that you will feel good about.
  • Having an impact beyond your own institution. Your involvement will add a new dimension to your job, enhance your professional development, and perhaps help you move ahead in your career.

 Being a member of TACAC isn’t just about paying your dues and attending a fair here, or a conference there. As everyone knows, you only get out of any membership in any organization what you put into it. Please be sure to get as involved as possible, and remember to have a little fun along the way!

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