Finance & Budget

Finance Committee

Chaired by the Treasurer, the Finance Committee consists of the Past-President, Treasurer-Designate (if applicable), Advancement Chair and others members as appointed by the chair of the committee. The committee has a minimum of three members. The Finance Committee reviews budget proposals, drafts a proposed annual budget, recommends investment policies to the Executive Board, and reviews all TACAC financial matters. The Finance Committee also recommends policies and procedures for the consideration of revenue generating enhancements for TACAC.


Joseph Miller, Interim-Treasurer/Chair

Marisol Scheer, President; Rachel Butler, Advancement Co-Chair; Christine Bowman, Member-at-Large; and Keith Ahee, Delegate

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee consists of the TACAC Executive Officers and reviews the proposed annual TACAC budget for approval by the Executive Board as well as all requests for amendments to the approved budget. The budget committee has the authority to approve requests for amendments to the approved budget.

Members who wish to see the fiscal policies and budget updates may log into the Member Center and select finance from the pull down menu.