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Earlier this year, we featured a blog about the Fellows program. For our blog post today, we wanted to hear from those who benefited from this program at MMI. Not surprising, professional growth topped the list of reasons this group applied for the MMI Fellows program.

Anam Iqbal, Assistant Director of Freshman Recruitment for the University of North Texas, said, “I am a new supervisor and MMI seemed like the best way to meet and learn from others in this role.”

Jason Fletcher is also new to his role as Director of Undergraduate Recruitment at Houston Baptist University but added, “I wanted to find a way to become more involved in TACAC and I knew this was just one way to do so.”

Victoria White, Admissions Counselor for Sam Houston State University, mentioned that for her department these type of TACAC programs “have all been beneficial in our development as counselors and supervisors, and we welcome that growth.”

They all agree that there were many interesting things to learn during the sessions at MMI and all enjoyed the case studies. In fact, that was Jason’s favorite part! “It pushed me to think outside of my conventional logic around admission and procedures. It also allowed for networking opportunities and team building which was something I was looking forward to experiencing during MMI.”

When asked to share the most impactful thing they took away from MMI, all three had unique answers.

Anam: “The most impactful was the connections I made. I have seen many of the attendees on the road, but never got to interact with them. This allowed me to make those connections and work with people that I didn’t really know.

Jason: “You are not alone in your desire to become the best manager. I was encouraged to know that I was fighting battles that colleagues across the state were dealing with as well.”

Victoria: “The most impactful thing I took away was the confidence and the know-how of self-advocacy.”

When asked if they would recommend the Fellows program to their colleagues, each of them enthusiastically said yes! As Anam points out, “it shows management that you really care about the profession and want to grow in the field. I knew my supervisors would appreciate me taking the extra step in applying and even if I wasn’t selected, I know that they would try to find other opportunities for me because they knew I was invested.”

If you are interested in MMI or the Fellows programs, please find more information through the links below.

For more information about MMI visit our website here: http://www.tacac.org/mmi

For more information about Fellows visit our website here: http://www.tacac.org/fellows-program

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Ismael Rodriguez - Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Great article and thank you to Anam, Jason, and Victoria for their great insight.

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